Our Services

We are inspiring and equipping the world to serve. And this is how we do it:

  • Online trainings
  • In-house trainings
  • External trainings
  • Contact centre managementlogo-image
  • Consulting/Advisory services

In-house Training

We provide in-house training for staff and employees of organizations. Far from being a mere training in skills; it is an entire service reorientation. And it is fully customizable to an organization’s needs.

External Training

We provide trainings for individuals on service. Although primarily targeted at young or experienced customer service professionals, it is beneficial to people in any profession or vocation. After all, we are all in customer service! Candidates will be issued a certificate upon completion of the training.

Contact Centre Management

We can help you set up and run a new contact centre. We can also help with the re-engineering and development of an existing one. Staff will be recruited, trained and assigned to manage your interactions with your customers. Our service will also include ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the centre, as well as ongoing training and coaching of staff.

Consulting/Advisory services

We provide consultancy and advice on improving our client’s service processes. We believe that service is the purpose of any business and we help make it better.

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