Our Courses


Below is a schedule of some of our training courses.

Course Title Description
The Service Philosophy Gives a basic orientation to the concept of Service. It will introduce participants to how the concept serves as the foundation for all social relationships, including business.
Crafting a Service Vision Discusses why a service vision is crucial for providing excellent service. It will highlight how legendary organizations have utilized this in offering stellar service.
Communication in Service Customer Service is largely about communication. This course shows how to do it right. It explains essential guidelines for effective communication with customers.
Non-verbal Communication Introduces the non-verbal aspects of communication and behaviour which affect quality of service.
Service Recovery Service sometimes fail. This course will teach how to create a structure that helps you recover your customer’s loyalty after a bad experience.
Dimensions of Service Quality This course explains how the customer measures service quality. It explains the 5 service quality dimensions of Reliability, Responsiveness, Accuracy, Empathy, and Tangibles.