Your Work matters

Here is a short poem I shared with colleagues at work to help us remember that all the little and routine tasks we carry out are quite significant. Nothing is insignificant. God is pleased with every work well done. Therefore, we should give it our best.

It’s another day.

You call the client,

You ensure he’s OK.

You confirm her prescription,

You notify Chronic Care.

You receive the forms,

You submit to CIM.

Evening comes, the day is gone.

Another day, the same routine.


Where does it all lead?

Meaningless routine?


From above the answer comes:

No, no, Your work matters!


When you serve, when you care.

When you help, when you check.

You live for something greater than you;

You add to the world,

You build the nation.


Through the effort, your company grows;

Through your task, the goal is won.

Further still –

Through your work, your God is served;

For to Him all work is done.

And every work truly done is a pleasant sacrifice.

What sort of offering do you then present?

Beyond Premium Health, beyond CS*,

Your work matters, for it matters to God.

*‘CS’ refers to the Client Service unit of the company


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